Brief Introduction of Maternity& Gyn. Center

VIP Maternity & Gyn. CenterXiamen Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital

The Maternity & Gyn. Center has been set up in October 2005. The Center is in consultation with Johns Hopkins International. It is specially designed for people who are looking for women’s health care using international standards of practice in Xiamen.

The center provides high quality Ob/Gyn services delivered by a group of culturally competent MDs and RNs to meet women’s and children’s  health needs; So far, the center has received clients from more than 70 countries and districts around the world.

LDR rooms are designed for labor, childbirth and recovery. The family-oriented concept provide you a friendly and home-like environment, allowing you and your family to experience the momentous occasion in a private and relaxing environment. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and strict security, such as emergency call system, bringing every comfort and safety to you and your family.

You can receive one stop VIP care with waiting, consultation, payment, blood test, dispensary, obstetrical and gynecological examinations all done in the same place.  Professionally trained and experienced medical specialists provide OB/GYN Services under privacy with scheduled appointment. The services include:prenatal examinations,Gyn. Examinations,genetic consulting,general examinations,minor operations,pelvic floor rehabilitationpremarital health examinations,and (8)children’s health care, 9Breast Surgery10Cosmetic and plastic surgery11mental psychology12ophthalmology /otolaryngology department etc.

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